Pile of Bones
Pile of Bones 2013 Book Cover
It was only a game. Until the rules changed...
Author Bailey Cunningham
Country America
Genre(s) urban fantasy
Publisher Ace Books
Publication date July 30, 2013
ISBN 978-0-425-26106-4
Followed by Path of Smoke
Pile of Bones is the first urban fantasy book in the Parallel Parks series by Bailey Cunningham. It was released on July 30, 2013.


In one world, they’re ordinary university students. In another world, they are a company of heroes in a place of magic and myth called Anfractus……

The Cree called the area Oscana, "pile of bones," a fertile hunting ground where game abounded. The white settlers changed that to Wascana. And centuries later, it became Wascana Park, a wooded retreat in the midst of the urban sprawl of Regina.

For a select few, who stay in the park until midnight, the land reverts into a magical kingdom, populated by heroes and monsters. They become warriors, bards, archers, gladiators. In the city called Anfractus, they live out a real-life role playing game.

All harmless fun—until they find themselves in the middle of an assassination plot which threatens to upset the balance of everything. Politics are changing, and old borders are about to disappear. The magic of Anfractus is bleeding into the real world—an incursion far more dangerous than the students suspect. Only they know what is happening—and only they can stop it...